Rules Moves

1.Dance forms and choreography

The dance form and style are free. The choreography for a group can be done by one or several person(s) or it can be designed by the group itself.

2. Routine length and technical info

The maximum length of routines is 6 minutes. Groups can modify their routines to comply with the rules. Technical requests will be made when registering for the event.

3. Age limits and restrictions

Dancers born in 2000 - 2010 (i.e. 10-20-year olds) are eligible to enter. A maximum of 1/3 of the group members can be under or over the age limit. This restriction does not apply to the dance routine or group coaches. Moves is open for all dancers and dance enthusiasts. The events can be entered by groups of at least two performers. In the regional events, you can enter with more than one routine. In the national event, the same group can enter with only one routine. 2/3 of the group members have to be new, so that a group can be considered as a new ensemble. Those who study dance in vocational training (secondary schools, colleges, institutes or the Theatre Academy) cannot participate in the event other than as dance routine or group coaches.

4. Regional events and national festival

The regional Moves events are open to all young people. There is no entry fee or pre-qualifications. You sign up for the event by filling out a registration form at least one month before the actual event date. In the regional events, juries choose the regional representatives for the national SottiisiMoves 2020 Festival. The Moves event takes place in Tampere, Finland 12 - 14 June 2020. Groups selected in the regional events will need to sign up themselves for the national festival in Tampere by 12 April 2020 at the latest. Entries coming in after this date will not be accepted.

5. Feedback

Educational elements are an integral part of the Young Culture ("Nuori Kulttuuri") events. All groups that participate in the events are given oral and written feedback from a professional jury as well as a certificate of attendance. Juries will choose representatives for the national SottiisiMoves 2020 Festival in the regional events. The Moves event takes place in Tampere, Finland 12 - 14 June 2020.

Dialogue with the young performers is an integral part of the jury work. Juries aim to bring up the strengths of the performance as well as things that would allow the group to develop further in their field and with their own art. The regional juries can freely choose which aspects they emphasise in selecting the performances for the national festival. The feedback will focus on the following:

  • The joy of and passion for dance and enthusiasm visible in the performance
  • Interaction between the dancers as well as between the dancers and the audience
  • Creativity, personality and the presentation of own ideas in the performance
  • The body control and dancing skills of the dancers
  • Versatile command of body, movement material as well as movement qualities
  • Interaction with the music, how the music relates to the theme and movement as well as the sense of rhythm
  • Choreographic presentation of structure in the motion sequences, rhythms and dramatics as well as visuality.

You can download the rules here.