Application form – Financial aid for international travel

    1. Itinerary of the trip

    The group has taken part in a Young Culture event in Finland

    2. Expenses of the trip and the aid applied for


    A. Travelling expenses

    B. Accommodation and meal expenses

    C. Special expenses (participation fees, visas, insurances etc.)

    Total expenses


    Other funding allotted to the project

    Other support sought for the project

    Young Culture financial aid applied for*

    Portion of the group’s self-financing

    3. Applicant

    Group’s contact person

    4. Applicant’s banking information

    5. Attachments

    The maximum size of the attachment file is 2Mb, permitted file formats are pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
    If there is a problem with the sending of files, you can mail them to

    6. Signature

    The undersigned confirms that all information in this application can be proven to be correct and no relevant information has been left out. The applicant commits to inform the Finnish Youth Association’s Young Culture operators of possible changes to the information presented in the application. By signing this application, the applicant allows the Finnish Youth Association to use and transmit the information given in the application to advance the internationalisation of Young Culture activities. List of the receivers of the financial aid and the itineraries of the receivers will be published online. Information in both written and electric form will be handled with respect for the privacy of the persons.

    Person in charge (over 18 years old, who signs the application as the group’s legal and financial representative)