Rules for application – Financial aid for international travel

Considerations of eligibility:

Financial aid is granted for international touring and field trips. The aid can be allocated for tickets, participation fees or accommodation expenses. Financial aid can be granted for a group that has, before the trip, taken part in Nuori Kulttuuri’s festivals or other activities within the last three years. The members of the group can have participated in the events as either performers or creators (e.g. producer, communications team, roadies, stage managers).

Groups are preferred as receivers of the grant but for specific reasons, financial aid can also be granted for two-person workgroups. Financial aid for an individual or only a part of the group is not granted. The director of the group and guardians are not counted as members. In regarding aid for performances, the group can differ a third from its original assembly. The members of the group must be under 29 years old.

If the groups are backed by a larger organisation, said organisation can apply for aid for several different groups. Aid is not granted for groups from universities or institutions of higher education. Through the programme we support the internationalisation of cultural youth work; financial aid won’t be granted for competition trips.

Application attachments

Please attach the following documents to your application:
- List of the group members (name and year of birth)
- Invitation or confirmation for the participation in an event or a tour
- Daily itinerary

Financial aid applied for

Financial aid is discretionary. The size of the aid depends on how many applications we receive during the application period, the size of the aid applied for and the assessment of the application.

Financial aid is primarily allocated for travel expenses both domestically and internationally, but aid can also be granted for accommodation and participation fees. The application form should display the total expenses of the trip, the portion of self-financing, and the funds and support received from other sources. Financial aid cannot be used to fund all expenses of the trip. The group must collect funding from other sources to cover the total expenses of the trip.

Admission of the aid and the announcement of the decision

The admission of financial aid is decided by the board of the Finnish Youth Association. The applicants are informed of the progress of application and decision by email. List of the funded show tours will be published on the web sites of Nuori Kulttuuri and the Finnish Youth Association.

Payment of financial aid

After the decision, an agreement of delegation is made with the receiver of the financial aid. This is the condition for paying the aid. Financial aid is primarily paid to the groups after the trip based on the final report and accounting records. If the group wishes for the aid to be paid to them before the trip, they have to supply the documents of the trip that has been paid. The aid will be paid in one payment, so the paid sum has to be at least as large as the allotted aid. Financial aid must be requested to be paid in writing.

Liabilities of the receiver of aid

Applicant, who has received a confirmation of financial aid, is committed to delivering an informal 1-2 pages long end final report to Nuori Kulttuuri operators within two months of the show tour’s ending. The final report should consist of a written travelogue and a settlement of accounts. Settlement of accounts consists of a summary of the total expenses, actualised funds, and all travel related receipts. Briefing of the used sum is enough.

The travelogue is a description of the actualised performances during the trip or field trip, the objectives of the trip and whether they were fulfilled, your experiences, and the visibility of the trip at home and abroad. Mention in your report, for example, if your visit got visibility in the local media or the blog of your field trip destination. The receiver of the financial aid also adheres to tell about the aid they received in communications concerning the trip.

Nuori Kulttuuri reserves the right to utilise the final reports in communications, developmental and educational functions relating to cultural youth work.

The applicant answers to the validity of the information presented in the application. The applicant must inform about possible changes before the realisation of the trip. If the show tour or field trip is realised in a manner that deviates from the information given in the application, financial aid or part of it can be left unpaid or aid that has already been paid can be reclaimed.

Application period

Financial aid can be granted for trips carried out between January 1st and December 31st 2024. The 2024 grants are intended to be distributed during the spring of 2024. If available money remains, the search will be continued until autumn.